Minecraft ore challenges

30th Nov, 2022

Minecraft ore challenges

Minecraft's rarest ore are often used to make useful gear and tools, but they can also be used as decorative building blocks.

Minecraft's community has used some of the most rare ores and materials to build their projects. These projects have included precious metals like gold, diamond, emerald and ancient debris.

These projects are now available online via multiple social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. It's time to look back on some of the most amazing builds with precious metals and other materials.

5) The golden city of Licopolis

The Golden City of Licopolis was created by Ekenz and uploaded to Imgur. It is a classic build that uses lots of gold and quartz in its construction. Each building is decorated with gold, including two of the city's clock towers.

The build does not overuse gold which makes it an appealing accent rather than being entirely comprised of it which could have made things look blander.

4) The Emerald Temple

Planet Minecraft user Nobelios69 uploaded The Emerald Temple to Planet Minecraft. It is a testament of the versatility of emeralds as a building material. While most players use emeralds to trade with villagers, the bright green hue of emerald block makes for a great decoration.

The temple's hallowed halls are trimmed with emerald blocks, which accent the gem at the temple's centre.

3) Diablo 3's Gates of Heaven

Reddit user SlyerFire posted the famous gates of heaven from Diablo III to Planet Minecraft. These gates are made mainly of stone and gold and have a marble appearance with golden trim.

The blue orb in the middle of the door's mechanism is one of the most interesting and attractive parts of this build. The orb is made from running water. This adds a dynamic dimension to the building and improves its visual quality.

2) Yeticraft's Diamond Monument

This build was posted on Twitter by Yeticraft and is almost entirely made of diamonds. It is lit by end rods. This shape reminds me a lot of the Imperial City from the Elder Scrolls series but with more sky-blue coloration.

This build was probably made in creative mode. However, it is rare to find a structure that's almost entirely made of diamonds. It is hard to imagine how much this build would cost in survival mode diamonds.

1) The Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz

Bergenco uploaded this Planet Minecraft build. It uses gold and emeralds in order to recreate The Wizard of Oz's final location. This build allows you to enter the city and even go into the Wizard's chambers.

You can also follow the Yellow Brick Road from the Munchkin village to your destination. This build is a testament to the amount of emerald, gold and care that went into it.