Minecraft lodestone guide

12th Dec, 2022

Minecraft lodestone guide

Minecraft's world is vast and endless. The world of Minecraft is vast and diverse, offering stunning landscapes as well as deep oceans. It is easy to get lost while exploring this vast area. It is almost impossible to track back players' footsteps in order to return them to their starting point.

A Lodestone block is a great way to track their base and any other structure. This block is not well-known by many players. To keep track of their explorations, they use coordinate numbers. The Lodestone block, the ultimate tool that players use to find their way around any location they desire, is the Lodestone Block.

How to make a Lodestone block

It is difficult to find the Lodestone block in Minecraft. This is due to the fact that it requires a Netherite Ingot to craft. A Lodestone block is basically made of eight chiseled stones bricks and one netherite Ingot.

Players must find Ancient Debris, a rare block in the Nether to make a Netherite Ingot. They will be melted into Netherite scraps. These can be combined with Gold ingots to make Netherite ingots. Lodestone is therefore not an easy block to craft.

How does a Lodestone Block work?

Once you have made a Lodestone, players need to place it and click right on the compass icon to use it as a compass. The compass will point to an unknown location before it can be used. Once the Lodestone is connected, the compass will always point towards the block.

Players can connect any compass to the lodestone block, and it will point in the same direction as the block. With the help of the linked compasses, players can navigate to any coordinate they desire.

Lodestone blocks have another speciality. Normal compasses can spin in random places in the Nether and the End. But a Lodestone compass cannot. The linked compass works normally if a Lodestone is placed in the Nether, or the End. It will point at the Lodestone block. If the Lodestone block is not present, the spinner will be random.