Minecraft Dungeons Update

16th Dec, 2022

Minecraft Dungeons Update

Minecraft Dungeons will get a major update. This will include Cloudy Climb (the first in a series of Seasonal Adventures), and The Tower, a new area within the popular Minecraft spinoff game.

The massive content update for Minecraft Dungeons will help keep the game alive. Both of these big features bring a lot of new activities.

What time will Cloudy Climb or The Tower be available in Minecraft Dungeons? Continue reading to find out everything we know about the release date.

When will the Minecraft Dungeons Update be released?

We can answer your question about when Cloudy Climb or The Tower will be coming to Minecraft Dungeons.

The December 2021 release date for the big Minecraft Dungeons update is expected. This is when The Tower and the Seasonal Adventure will be available in the game.

The developers revealed the release date window during Minecraft Live 2021. Although they didn't give a specific date, we will be sure to keep you updated. Keep an eye out for this.

What is The Tower in Minecraft Dungeons

The Tower is a new game mode for Minecraft Dungeons. Players will have the opportunity to show off their combat skills and climb the tower to earn the title. You might need to try several times. This short social media teaser clip gives you a glimpse of The Tower.

What are Seasonal Adventures in Minecraft Dungeons

Seasonal Adventures are a new series in Minecraft Dungeons. The first Seasonal Adventure, Cloudy Climb is the name of the content. It will arrive in the game in December. In the coming months, more Seasonal Adventures are planned.

Each Seasonal Adventure works in a similar way to Fortnite's Battle Pass – you will need to complete challenges to unlock new pets and emotes.

Here's an interesting fact: you can still access previous Seasonal Adventures even if a new one arrives. You can expect all of this content to be around forever, so get used it! Below is a sneak peak at Cloudy Climb, our first Seasonal Adventure.

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Is the Minecraft Dungeons content free?

The Tower in Minecraft Dungeons has been confirmed as being free. Developers have confirmed that every Seasonal Adventure in Minecraft Dungeons has a free track as well as a paid track. This means you won't have to pay a penny if you don't want to. We think it sounds great! This page will be updated as soon as we find out more.