Best non-aggressive underwater mobs in Minecraft

14th Jan, 2023

Best non-aggressive underwater mobs in Minecraft

There are many passive aquatic mobs in Minecraft. Nearly half the game's huge map is covered in different types of water bodies. You can explore rivers, oceans, and seas.

There are many mobs in the underwater world. While they are not hostile to players, many are neutral and some more passive than others.

Players should avoid mobs such as elder guardians, drowned guardians, and guardians. They are usually neutral and players can remain as long as they don't hurt the mob. Dolphins are the most popular neutral aquatic mob.

There are many types of passive mobs. These range from the common salmon and cod to the cute and rare Axolotls. These are the top five aquatic mobs that you can observe and keep as pets.

Five of the most popular passive aquatic mobs for Minecraft

5) Pufferfish

Pufferfish, a goofy mob, are found in warm waters with tropical fish. They will be tiny and unassuming when players find them. non-puffed form.

Players will be able to see the pufferfish from a distance, and the mob will make two stages of puffing up, putting a mild poison on their bodies. The pufferfish is still considered passive even though they can poison players.

Despite being less appealing, these mobs are vital to players. They are used to make a potion for water breathing. These potions can be used to help players breathe underwater for long periods of time.

4) Turtle

The turtle is a large, cute-looking passive mob that can be found both on beaches and under water. They usually spawn in groups of 2 to 4, with the baby turtles very rarely being with them.

They can swim at an extremely fast speed underwater, but they move very slowly when they are on the ground. These mobs can be used to build a beach house or keep them as pets.

These mobs are not only beautiful, but they can also breed with seagrass and then lay eggs in the right place. Because they are fragile, players need to protect them from hostile mobs.

Baby turtles are born with scutes, which can be used to make turtle shells. You can also use turtle shells to make the potion for turtle master.

3) Glow Squids

These new mobs were introduced by Mojang in part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs Update Part 1. These glowing squids can be seen underwater from a distance and are similar to regular squids. They were adored by players because of their magical aqua-colored glow.

Although it is difficult to keep them as pets they can be kept in a personal lake with a name tag so they don't despawn. If they are killed, they will drop glow ink sacs. These can be combined with other signs or item frames to make them glow. This allows players to identify their contents from far away.

2) Tropical Fish

The game's tropical fish mob is a stunning type of mob. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. There are 2700 different kinds of tropical fish available in the game.

They are great mobs for players who want to keep them as pets in a custom-made fish tank. These mobs can be found in warm ocean biomes, particularly near coral reefs.

You can capture tropical fish in a bucket. They can then be transported anywhere. You can also kill them and drop them as an item. They can also be killed and dropped as an item. You can also use them to breed Axolotls.

1) Axolotls

Axolotls were recently added to Caves and Cliffs Part 1. They are rare and spawn in Lush caves. They were a huge success and people loved having them as pets. You can keep them in buckets, which are even more adorable.

These pets can be used to help players defeat hostile aquatic mobs. They can also get a regeneration effect if they are able to coordinate with the mob while fighting.