5 best Minecraft survival maps

3rd Feb, 2023

5 best Minecraft survival maps

Minecraft has many different gameplay options, but survival is its main focus. Some players enjoy the challenge of survival on the most limited resources, and are willing to risk their lives to see if they can beat the odds.

These survival maps for Minecraft are designed specifically for gamers like you. We will be looking at the best survival maps for Minecraft.

Horizon Survival

Horizon Survival is a Skyblock adventure that can be extremely difficult. The player is spawned on a floating island, which is full of danger and mayhem.

Horizon Survival adds to Minecraft's survival spirit by challenging the player with other challenges. Horizon Survival engages them in mysterious stories, and will gradually reveal the answers as they explore more.


Outcasted is a survival game that not only focuses on survival, but also weaves a compelling story around it. This Minecraft map is created by a World War 2 soldier on board his/her ship.

After running out of fuel, the crew of the ship sets sail for a mysterious island. The player is left stranded on the bottom of the ocean. If the crew doesn't return within days, the player must bravely go alone to face all the dangers that the island holds.

Empty Horizon

This particular survival map can be described as an empty, vast ocean. The player awakens on a floating piece wood in the middle a never-ending stream. The wooden raft contains enough supplies for the survival challenge of Minecraft. It is up to the player, however, to explore the ocean depths and locate enough supplies to make a home and survive.

This map is an inexhaustible survival experience with no end goal. It is intended for the most daring players.

Realism Survival Island

A survival island map does not need just one tree or some rocks. The Minecraft survival map is stunning and realistic. It allows players to spawn on islands that are as dense as they are dangerous. This map features mountains and forests as well as an intricate cave system that runs across it. It is not recommended for beginners.

Titanic Survival 2

Imagine surviving the sinking Titanic, but having to survive on an iceberg floating in the Atlantic. The Titanic Survival 2 map transforms Minecraft into an historical adventure. The player must survive on an Iceberg by gathering resources and scavenging from the Titanic ship.