Best non-aggressive underwater mobs in Minecraft

There are many passive aquatic mobs in Minecraft. Nearly half the game’s huge map is covered in different types of water bodies. You can explore rivers, oceans, and seas. There are many mobs in the underwater world. While they are not hostile to players, many are neutral and some more passive than others. Players should avoid mobs such … Read more

How to have more fun in your Minecraft world

Minecraft is a sandbox-based game that offers almost endless possibilities. Some Minecraft enthusiasts might get bored if they do the same activities over and again. Even though there are so many things to do, it can feel boring to play vanilla Minecraft alone.┬áThere are so many things gamers can do to bring new life to Minecraft. … Read more

Castle ideas in Minecraft

Minecraft castles come in many different sizes and shapes, just like real life. You can choose from a traditional medieval design or a modern, more contemporary look for your Minecraft castle. One thing is certain when it comes Minecraft castles: Some blocks are more popular and used more than others to build castles. This article will … Read more

The most beautiful blocks in Minecraft

Each Minecraft update brings new items and blocks. Over 80 new items were added to Minecrafters’ worlds in the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update. Minecraft Caves and Cliffs was to be released as a single update. The update had many large changes and developers had to break it up to make sure all features were … Read more

Minecraft lodestone guide

Minecraft’s world is vast and endless. The world of Minecraft is vast and diverse, offering stunning landscapes as well as deep oceans. It is easy to get lost while exploring this vast area. It is almost impossible to track back players’ footsteps in order to return them to their starting point. A Lodestone block is a great way … Read more

How to find iron in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.18 has completely changed the way iron ore is generated. The biggest update to Minecraft is finally available. This will allow players to see the game in a new way. This update includes many changes and additions such as a complete overhaul of the world, tall mountains and deep caves, as well as a different ore … Read more

Minecraft ore challenges

Minecraft’s rarest ore are often used to make useful gear and tools, but they can also be used as decorative building blocks. Minecraft’s community has used some of the most rare ores and materials to build their projects. These projects have included precious metals like gold, diamond, emerald and ancient debris. These projects are now available … Read more

Minecraft Dungeons Update

Minecraft Dungeons will get a major update. This will include Cloudy Climb (the first in a series of Seasonal Adventures), and The Tower, a new area within the popular Minecraft spinoff game. The massive content update for Minecraft Dungeons will help keep the game alive. Both of these big features bring a lot of new … Read more

5 best Minecraft survival maps

Minecraft has many different gameplay options, but survival is its main focus. Some players enjoy the challenge of survival on the most limited resources, and are willing to risk their lives to see if they can beat the odds. These survival maps for Minecraft are designed specifically for gamers like you. We will be looking … Read more

Best Minecraft servers

There are thousands of Minecraft servers. It can be difficult to find the best one. You don’t have to go through every server and you just want to find the best Minecraft servers in 2021. Below is a list of top Minecraft servers that will offer you a variety of categories, including classic survival, Parkour, PVP, and competitive minigames. These … Read more